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Because the project was beginning to look like something real, we looked for a way to protect it.

Open-Source, we said

There are several open-source licenses. And choosing is not so easy.  MIT? GNU GPL? BSD?

After reading some guides, and advice on the net, it seemed that GNU GPL was hugely used. It may be a reason for it. And in the same time, the text seems relevant.

Deal. Let’s take the newest version.

GPL V3, how it works?

It’s one of the thing that is so easy, that it’s hard to believe it works.

  1. You take the license and put it in a file COPYING at the project’s root.
  2. You begin all file by an abstract of the license (also given on the GNU GPL website)
  3. No ! There is no 3rd point! It’s already done.

So our project is under GNU GPLv3 License…



How to begin? Hard question(s)…

Well, when you think of your future program, you have so many ideas, but you have to begin somewhere… So we began to list the features. Why our project will be great? At first we focused of basic things:

  • Manage a local database of movies
  • Listen to the folder modification: if a movie is added in a indexed folder, the software should update by itself.
  • Have several metadata for each movie (Who directed it? When was it released? What is it about?…) But also arbitrary tags.

Then how to design it? We are good at coding, but designing is always so hard! How to make it ergonomic? People should find it easy to use… That’s the most difficult think to do, I guess. After some awful drafts, we eventually found a structure that was looking reliable… and sustainable. What are the solutions? SQLite, Objects, QList, … Well before we find a way to speak about it without dealing with code…. find us on Github !

…and the project began…

We talked about it with friends.

Some things were totally obvious:

  1. The project must be free
  2. The project must be Open-Source
  3. The project must be widely spreadable, so OS-independent
  4. The project must be developed (somehow)

The first two items are quite easy. You let people download and use it, you give the source, you add a license to protect your work (because you’re not too masochistic).

But the two latter… Personally I know PHP and HTML (which are not really useful for software), MATLAB (hum…), C and C++.

Because we are Frenchies (yes, everything is unveiled now), we all learned to code on OpenClassroom, on which the tutorial for C++ uses the Qt framework.

This was it. We had all ingredients to meet our 4 goals !

And it happened that yes, Qt is a real and amazing relief.

Launching the blog: because something was missing

I’m kind of a music fan.

I’ve used iTunes, or Amarok, or Clementine, or Banshee, or Songbird… It’s incredible how many music software have been developed in the last decade. It’s always hard to choose. Each one has different features, is more or less maintained…

But I didn’t want to write about this.

I’m kind of a movie fan.

When you begin to have a lot of movies, it’s a real pain to go through, to choose the one you want to see at this moment. And there are really few movie organizers.

So I decide to begin to write one. Not having any good name to give, I called it….


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