An opensource movie organizer

…and the project began…

We talked about it with friends.

Some things were totally obvious:

  1. The project must be free
  2. The project must be Open-Source
  3. The project must be widely spreadable, so OS-independent
  4. The project must be developed (somehow)

The first two items are quite easy. You let people download and use it, you give the source, you add a license to protect your work (because you’re not too masochistic).

But the two latter… Personally I know PHP and HTML (which are not really useful for software), MATLAB (hum…), C and C++.

Because we are Frenchies (yes, everything is unveiled now), we all learned to code on OpenClassroom, on which the tutorial for C++ uses the Qt framework.

This was it. We had all ingredients to meet our 4 goals !

And it happened that yes, Qt is a real and amazing relief.


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