An opensource movie organizer

Well, when you think of your future program, you have so many ideas, but you have to begin somewhere… So we began to list the features. Why our project will be great? At first we focused of basic things:

  • Manage a local database of movies
  • Listen to the folder modification: if a movie is added in a indexed folder, the software should update by itself.
  • Have several metadata for each movie (Who directed it? When was it released? What is it about?…) But also arbitrary tags.

Then how to design it? We are good at coding, but designing is always so hard! How to make it ergonomic? People should find it easy to use… That’s the most difficult think to do, I guess. After some awful drafts, we eventually found a structure that was looking reliable… and sustainable. What are the solutions? SQLite, Objects, QList, … Well before we find a way to speak about it without dealing with code…. find us on Github !


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