An opensource movie organizer

Hey there!

We are proud to announce that from now we are incubated in KDE…

Macaw-Movies is a movie collection manager. It is now about to be in the KDE Family! And that’s really awesome.

[Edit: As we are often asked  I add here that we speak about movie files. No DVD, BlueRay…]

It was a little sprint, and we must say that KDE sysadmins were pretty fast and our supporter of great help. In one night, we created a mailing-list, opened an account on Planet KDE and another on the git repository.  We haven’t opened an account for the project on the bug tracker yet and still use GitHub for now so our code is currently duplicated between GitHub and the KDE projects’ repository.

Now, we are seriously thinking of releasing a first version. It’s far from being perfect, and there is still a lot to achieve to release what we are really dreaming of, but it’s slowly coming! It already compiles on Linux, Microsoft Windows and MacOX. The program can fetch a movie metadata from Internet thanks to the API of

Here are a couple of screenshots of the application: the main window and the dialog to edit the metadata of a movie.



If you want to see a little more, you can find us on:

The documentation is slowly being written… but the code is already documented =D

Have fun and give a hack!


Comments on: "Macaw-Movies in the KDE incubator" (7)

  1. What is the difference with Tellico ? (
    It’s one of my favourite KDE Application and i would really like it to get some more love 🙂
    Thanks for your work anyway.


    • Tellico is a great and complex project for managing all (or almost) type of collections. In my opinion, it’s a little hard to use at the beginning.

      We are only dealing with movies. It means that all the interface will be orientated towards movie files. It’s a little like you use Amarok or Rhythmbox (or …) for your music, we want you to use Macaw-Movies for your movies =D

      Thx for your interest!


  2. does the methadates also syncronized with baloo? Or in an nfo file or something like that.


  3. Cool, for the future, there’s with which you can avoid hardcoding CREATE table and hardcoding database type to sqlite3. (with QtSql it’s not possible OOTB)


  4. […] Today we are very proud to announce the release of our very first version of Macaw Movies! If you don’t know what this is about, please read our previous post. […]


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