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Hey all !

Today we are very proud to announce the release of our very first version of Macaw Movies! If you don’t know what this is about, please read our previous post.

You can find the download the application there:

Bellow are a few screenshots.

Be aware that this first version is an alpha version, meaning that some bugs are still present, even though we’ve been testing it a lot.  Please fill out a bug report on our Github tracker if you find one. Also, feel free to give us feedback if you think Macaw Movies is worth it (or not!).

We hope you’ll like it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

By the way… it’s open source: contributions are welcomed!  The project is documented, though we are still working on making it more comprehensive.

The sources are still available in our GitHub repository and on kde-project.



Tag view


Ordered by directors


“About” dialog


Comments on: "Our first alpha release" (10)

  1. Hey guys!
    I’m about to download Macaw-Movies. Just one thing: does it support TV shows? If it doesn’t, is it planned or do I just go on like this?

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  2. It’s planned, but not done at all: we first wanted to focus on movies. But we’ll try to do this for the next time. Thx Lex!


  3. Great! Love your work, it’s so cool to finally be able to use Macaw Movies =D


  4. Heller said:

    Looks good, I will keep an eye on it ☺
    But actually I’m a bit sad that nobody thought about using digikam as a foundation for an app like yours. Digikam is really a killer app bit it is obviously not focused on movies. It has however a great tag system, a view to display snapshots, powerful files management… I’m eager to see how Macaw will evolve ☺


    • Heller: we are currently not using any KDE-framework library. Our first goal is to ship something with not to much dependencies, and without having to deal with to many API. We’ll consider this for the next versions…
      Thx for your feedback and for the support:)


  5. It does not recongnise movies with names like “300” or “2012” 😥


  6. […] An open movie organizer: Our first alpha release […]


  7. We’ve added Macaw-Movies to

    Regards, Steve


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